WikiList Manual

This manual was written for WikiList 0.5. © 2014 Geoffrey De Belie


Settings are remembered between sessions. See reset defaults in Preferences -> Advanced to restore the default settings. You can also delete the settings file when WikiList is closed. This file is usually located at /home/$USER/.config/wikilist/wikilist.conf.


Language Interface language of WikiList - does not affect searching
LinkSearch code Code of the project, used as a subdomain. Can be empty for custom added projects.
Project Selected project will be searched on with the LinkSearch code
Add Project You can add wiki projects to the list if they use MediaWiki. The text turns red when WikiList is not able to add the project to the list.
Time-out while adding project This setting allows you to make slow MediaWiki sites work.


Keywords are not remembered between sessions.
Add keyword When the added keyword is found in an input line, the complete line is filtered out in the output. If you don't want to remove the whole line, but a part of it, take a look at the replacement section of the manual.
Remove keyword Allow the keyword to appear in the output.
Keywords are case sensitive When checked, keywords strictly match their exact capitalization. If not checked, keywords capitalization does not has to match and CoW would match COW.


Parse options - Add asterisk Add a * before every item
Parse options - Add space Add a space before every item (if the asterisk is also checked, the space is right after it)
Parse options - Add square brackets Add [[ before and ]] after every item (useful for export to AutoWikiBrowser or MediaWiki pages)
Parse options - Add number sign Add # before every item
Parse options - Add custom character Not satisfied with the result? Try your own combination of characters here. You can use \n and \t to present newline and tab. The first text box is before the item, the second is after the item. Use the delimiter text box for extra characters between items. The delimiter is not added after the last item.
Delimiter - New line The delimiter between items in the result is a new line.
Delimiter - Space The delimiter between items in the result is a space.
Delimiter - Period The delimiter between items in the result is a period.
Delimiter - Comma The delimiter between items in the result is a comma.
Delimiter - Custom The delimiter between items in the result is your own combination of characters. You can use \n to represent newline and \t to represent tab.


Include the namespaces you select. You can also change this on the main screen.

Notes: Namespaces are not remembered between sessions.


Advanced settings for the internal filters of WikiList.
Enable filters for WhatLinksHere/LinkSearch Disabling this speeds up the parsing. Don't disable this if you want to paste results from MediaWiki sites. Normally these filters should be enabled.
Enable Special filter Enables the filter for the Special namespace. Usually the Special namespace filter is not used, so it's disabled by default.
Enable Archive filter Enables the filter for the Archive namespace. Usually used, so it's enabled by default.
Right to left (RTL) support for WhatLinksHere Enables support for right-to-left languages when using WhatLinksHere. Can be useful. Use force to make unsupported RTL languages work and disable this option if you experience problems or if you never use RTL languages. Disabling this option speeds up WikiList a fraction.


Replace one word with another (or nothing). Replacements are remembered between sessions.
# Row number
From Text to replace.
To Replacement text. If you don't fill in a replacement text, the text to replace just gets removed from the output.
Clear Remove all replacements from the list.


You might want to change the behaviour of WikiList with these advanced settings.
Auto save mode When automatic save mode is on (sidebar option), save the file to /home/$USER/wikilistoutputINSTANCENUMBER.txt. You can choose to save to the file on paste, when clicking the save button or immediately when something changes.
De-duplication mode The mode for removing duplicate lines. Sort (built-in) is the default when Perl is not installed. The Perl mode does not require sorting the results.
Search limit Limit the returned results from searches to prevent long waiting times with broad queries. You will get a question after this number of items, asking if you want to see them all. Values between 5000 and 20000 make sense, but you can always go higher or lower. You can also increment/decrement values by scrolling in the text box.
Keep debug information Save debug information to disk when quitting WikiList. Defaults to $XDG_DATA_HOME/wikilist/debug.log. This usually means /home/$USER/.local/share/wikilist/debug.log.
Reset defaults Changes all the settings immediately to their default values (including the language). You can also remove $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wikilist/wikilist.conf which is usually ~/.config/wikilist/wikilist.conf to get the same effect.

Sidebar options

You can hide the sidebar in View -> Sidebar.
Clear Clear input and results.
Namespaces Select the namespaces you would like to activate. Unchecked namespaces are not included in the result. For example, if you uncheck Wikipedia, lines containing "Wikipedia:" won't be included.
LinkSearch Type a term and click LinkSearch (you can also press the Enter/Return key). Your results will appear in the lower textbox.
Sort Sort result alphabetically
No duplicates Remove double lines in the result, using the de-duplication mode set in Preferences -> Advanced.
Automatic save Enable the automatic save mode, as specified in Preferences -> Advanced. This saves the results to a file without asking for a filename.


Show startup info Show informative startup information (language, de-duplication mode). Takes effect on next launch.
Enable Enable the experiments to get a few more features (mostly developer-oriented).

Ultimate speed

To speed up parsing, you can:


You can debug WikiList by starting WikiList from the command line. Warnings and errors are printed on the standard output, but can be found in the debug log too.

Warnings and errors

You can get warnings while using the built-in LinkSearch tool. These warnings can be displayed in a message window or in the debug window.
GetPage [IOWeb] Warning: error 404 Means 404 was found in the text received by GetPage. Usually this can be safely ignored.
LinkSearch [Preferences.class] Warning: no LinkSearch code given for a built-in project which requires a code. Using LinkSearchCode English. Means there was no LinkSearch code found in your Settings. If you want to use the English version of the built-in project, this error can be safely ignored.
LinkSearch [WikiList.class] MediaWiki API version too low: list property not supported The API version on that specific website is too low to support LinkSearch.
LinkSearch [WikiList.class] MediaWiki API - read denied This API requires read permissions, which you don't have.
Couldn't resolve host name The website you are trying to add is down or does not allow access.



Select allCTRL+ACTRL+A
Paste specialCTRL+SHIFT+VN.A.
Parse optionsCTRL+PN.A.
Clear listCTRL+N?
Make listCTRL+M?


Toggle tipsF2N.A.
Toggle auto save modeF3N.A.
Toggle debug windowCTRL+DN.A.
Hide/close windowESCN.A.
Open fileCTRL+ON.A.